Amanda Knox's Mom So Excited As Appeal Nears End 'It's Hard to Stay Grounded'


Amanda Knox Has Spent Three Months Working on Her Court Statement

Curt Knox said that whenever those photos were introduced during the initial trial and earlier in the appeals hearing, the courtroom had been cleared. But on Monday, the lawyers did not clear the room, allowing the public to view the photos. The prosecutor later said it was an oversight.

"It was very unfortunate and I'm hoping that the Kercher family doesn't see them somewhere printed or on television," her father said. "But to do it inside the courtroom after literally three and a half years of him clearing courtrooms whenever these pictures had to be shown, it was just astonishing to me."

Curt Knox said his daughter is struggling to cope with the tension after four years in prison.

"We're just a matter of days away from... having people judge what she's going to do for the rest of her life and I'm sure that it's extraordinary hard to try to sleep and to try to eat," he said. "You have that constant churning of what's going to happen and the unknown, even though you know that you're innocent it's somebody else that's judging you."

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