Jubilant American Couple Finally Leave Russia With Adopted Daughter


Kendra documented her adoption journey on a blog. Her emotional post after the adoption ban passed was translated into Russian and published in newspapers here, proving a strong reaction from readers. Many of them offered to help.

One woman gave them $1,000 to help cover expenses. Another man gave them warm boots and a blanket for Polina. Still others offered to lend them a car and take off time from work to bring them to appointments.

Polina is learning some English words, but may not yet understand why she needs them.

"She's 5 years old, she doesn't really have the concept what America is," Kendra said. "She knows it's a family and a home and she's learning that it's forever and we'll be there when she goes to sleep and we'll be there when she wakes up and we're not going to have to leave her behind again."

Polina vowed to spend the entire 12 hour flight looking out the window. The next day, as the plane landed in Houston, she enthusiastically joined in the round of applause that often marks the end of a flight from Russia. Smiling, she exclaimed: "America!"

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