Former Editor of Scandalized News of the World Arrested


The paper was hated by celebrities, politicians, even the royals for its relentless pursuit of sensational stories.

Different scandals, like when Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, was caught selling access to Prince Andrew, or when David Beckham's "secret affair" was revealed in the pages of the "News of the World," all translated into huge profits for Murdoch.

That all changed this week as revelations that the paper's reporters hacked the voicemails of 4,000 people, not just celebrities, but also the families of a murdered teen, victims of a terrorist attack and British soldiers who died abroad.

Paul McMullen, a former reporter and editor at the paper, said that they would do anything to get a story.

"You had to get the story at all costs," he said. "Would you stop at doing anything to get a story? You would go and do anything."

There are even allegations that reporters at "News of the World" bribed police to get the latest scoop.

Murdoch may hope the scandal will disappear when he kills the paper, but that's not likely. Criminal investigations, public inquiries, and more arrests are expected to be underway.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

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