Racism Concerns Raised by German Man's Mysterious Death

An area where a man had been sleeping was found near a hunting camp where food was stolen. Nevertheless, Haiti still had not been captured by the end of last week. He knows the hidden paths of hunters and the caves in the mountains where he can sleep without risk of detection. The islander is accused of attempted rape, kidnapping and murder.

The only aspect of the case that is clear is that Ramin's body was burned. "The cannibalism theory plays no role in our investigation," says prosecutor José Thorel.

The dead man's father and friend traveled to Nuku Hiva at the end of the week to say their goodbyes. Shortly after the crime, the victim's father, Erwin Ramin, sent an e-mail to the organizer of the Mata Va'ha festival.

"I'm afraid that they'll cancel the festival," says Erwin Ramin. "I asked them not to do it. These people are trying to regain their culture."

Translated from the German by Christopher Sultan

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