Inside Iran: Parkour Hits The Streets of Tehran

PHOTO: Poorya Zaturam moves like a blur, doing Parkour, causing a stir but wont be deterred.

ABC News correspondent Muhammad Lila reports from Iran this week, digging into a changing country few Americans understand. His latest dispatch from Tehran:

Just ran into a group of Iranian teens doing parkour, the urban sport where you climb, jump, twist, cling, hurdle, spin, hop, vault, leap, dive, and dive again around the concrete playgrounds most large urban centers have become.

Two of them, both 16 years old, were only too happy to show off their skills.

"Parkour is like a wife," one told me. "I'll never leave it for anything."

It's admittedly a small sample size, but Tehran teens I've met have all been incredibly well connected to the world around them. Despite bans on Facebook and YouTube, I've come across Iranian youth who could recite Adele lyrics by heart, tell you who's going to star in the upcoming Superman/Batman sequel, and list the rosters of their favorite NBA teams.

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