Kyrgyzstan's Golden Eagle Hunters: In Search of a Legend


His beloved Tumara, on the other hand, who is always ready, has been Talgar's hunting partner for nine years. Their bond is obvious. They go out every day, in part because having to catch her own food keeps them both sharp.

When she is not out hunting, Tumara often wears a small leather cap to cover her eyes.

Together with his young son, Talgar hiked into the hills. When a sacrificial rabbit was spotted far below, Talgar took off Tumara's cap and she knew the hunt was on.

With the rabbit in her talons, Tumara waited patiently, trained to capture but not to kill until Talgar is at her side. Her skills help feed his family all winter.

Once Tumara escaped. Talgar searched the skies but she was gone. Days later, she flew back to him on her own and had stayed there ever since. It is proof enough that this pair is the real thing.

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