Meatless in Munich: Oktoberfest Introduces Vegan Food Options

Indeed, the broad range of Bavarian beers available at Oktoberfest is the main attraction for locals and tourists alike. And regulations controlling the brewing of beer in Germany -- which date back to the beer purity law, or Reinheitsgebot, of 1516 -- mean that vegans can enjoy it, too.

According to the German Brewers Federation, German beer may only be made from malt, hops, yeast and water. "The law ensures that most people with dietary requirements can still enjoy the beer," says Nickel. "Obviously, the gluten in beer is still a problem for some, but Bavarian brewers are traditionalists, so don't expect movement on that any time soon."

Indeed, the Bavarian Brewers Association declined to comment on whether gluten-free beer was something the region's breweries would consider. But events coordinator Jonas is hopeful that change is on the horizon.

"There's always a possibility," says Jonas. "Forty years ago, traditional Bavarians would have trembled at the prospect of open homosexuality at Oktoberfest, and now we celebrate 'Gay Sunday' here every year. Gluten-free beer could be next."

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