Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane: What We Know Now


  • Angry Chinese family members of those on board Malaysia Airlines flight 370 defied China's ban on protests today to demonstrate outside the Malaysian embassy and demand proof that the plane had plunged into the sea with no hope of survivors.
  • "We want them to give us the truth," one man who said he had a family member on board but declined to give his name told ABC News. "There is no evidence to say anything."
  • Lawyers have arrived at the hotel seeking to represent families in lawsuits against various stakeholders in the plane's disappearance, including U.S. company Boeing.
  • 239 people were on board the flight, including 227 passengers (including one infant and one toddler) and 12 crew members.
  • Three Americans, including two children, are among the missing. Philip Wood, 50, an IBM executive, had just come from Texas where he was visiting family on his way to Beijing.
  • There was a total of 14 nationalities on board, but 152 passengers were Chinese.
  • Twenty passengers on the plane worked for the Austin, Texas, company Freescale Semiconductor. Another passenger, Chng Mei Ling, worked as an engineer for the Pennsylvania company Flexsys America LP.
  • Pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, was a veteran pilot who joined Malaysia Airlines in 1981 and had over 18,000 flying hours.

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