Murdered Student's Family in Perugia for Hearing

"We believe that every effort will be made to arrive at a conviction of the person or persons responsible," said Lyle Kercher.

Meredith's family members did not respond to questions about the investigation, and her mother Arline told journalists she had no idea what could have happened the night Meredith was killed, "but we didn't expect it," she said.

In today's court hearing, experts named by all sides -- defense, prosecution and judicial -- will discuss the evidence in the original autopsy report performed Nov. 7 by Dr. Luca Lalli. A final conclusion on the autopsy will be reached that will be considered confirmed evidence.

The coroners appointed by Claudia Matteini, the judge who will preside over the hearing, submitted a report earlier this week, and their conclusions did not differ radically from the original autopsy report.

Those experts concluded that Meredith died from "mechanical asphyxiation," a combination of strangling and suffocation. Kercher was held by the neck as she was knifed, and she suffocated on the blood from the large wound in her neck, the autopsy determined.

The original coroner's report had concluded that she bled to death.

In their report, the court-appointed coroners determined that that Meredith Kercher could not be saved:

"The survival time between the moment in which the cuts that caused the death were made and the moment of death did not make it possible to save the girl's life," the report said.

This latest report establishes the time of death somewhere between 8:45 p.m. on Nov. 1, when it is known that Meredith was still alive, and 4:50 a.m. the next morning, which is consistent with what investigators have said before.

Inconsistent Stories from Suspects

Knox and her former boyfriend Sollecito said that they were home together at Sollecito's house that night, though their accounts have been inconsistent.

Investigators do not think they have told the truth and claim the two young lovers do not have enough evidence to support their alibi.

Guede admitted to being in Kercher's house at the time of the murder, but said he was in the bathroom when she was stabbed, and when he came out he found Meredith in a pool of blood as another man ran from the house. He recently said for the first time that the man he saw was Sollecito and that he heard Knox's voice in the doorway.

During previous interrogations, Guede had told investigators he could not identify the man he saw in Kercher's apartment.

Sollecito's lawyers dismissed Guede's statement, as "an improbable story, told by an unreliable person," the Italian news agency ANSA reported.

A lawyer for Knox told ABC News that Guede "has to explain why this statement has been made four months after he stated that he never saw Amanda and Raffaele that night [of the murder]."

A Sexual Assault?

Investigators are still trying to determine whether Kercher was sexually assaulted before she was murdered. The original coroner's report mentioned evidence of sexual activity, but could not confirm with certainty whether it was consensual or not.

The prosecution from the beginning interpreted the murder as a sex game gone wrong, involving all the suspects.

Kercher's body was found under a blanket, naked from the chest down. The DNA of Guede was found inside Kercher's body and on her bra, and Sollecito's DNA is also on the bra, investigators say.

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