South Korea Bracing for North Korean Missile Test 'Anytime Soon'


In Japan, the national J-Alert emergency warning system has been activated, in case of any missile launch. Officials called on cities to inspect receivers to make sure they were functioning, in case they needed to be notified of any falling debris.

The defense minister inspected PAC-3 missiles deployed throughout the country today on camera and two Aegis destroyers equipped with missile interceptors have been sent to nearby seas.

The U.S. Navy also currently has three Aegis destroyers patrolling in waters near Japan and around Guam.

In Seoul, the public has been calm about the threats from North Korea, but signs of concern are slowly on the rise. Some parents kept children from going to school, and social media is filled with questions of worry.

"I don't think Kim Jong Un is crazy enough to start a war, but this is too stressful," said Lee Joo-Mi, a fashion consultant, while having an Italian lunch with several friends in Gangnam.

Her friend, a professional model and lecturer, agreed.

"It was fine until my friends abroad kept emailing me to stay safe and they were praying for me," said On Mi-Jung said. "I just ordered a wartime emergency backpack on the Internet, just in case."

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