Draft of U.N. Syria Resolution Released



Russia Opposes UN Action on Syria

Moscow says it will block any UN effort to impose sanctions on Syria over the death of ex-Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri. (BBC)

Assad Says Accused Syrians May Face Trial

Letter Is First Substantive Response to U.N. Report Implicating Officials in Hariri Killing. (Washington Post)

UN Draft Calling on Syria to Detain Assassination Suspects

Full text of UN Security Council Resolution draft. (Financial Times)


Bomber 'Filmed With Terror Suspect'

The suspected ringleader of the four London suicide bombers featured in a surveillance operation carried out by the intelligence services last year, it has been reported. (The Scotsman)


Morocco Admits Shooting Migrants

Morocco has admitted its border guards shot dead four African migrants trying to enter the Spanish enclave of Melilla earlier this month. (BBC)


Iran Sheltering Bin Laden Sons and Al Qaeda Members: Report

Iran is providing refuge to around 25 leading members of the al Qaeda terror group including three of Osama bin Laden's sons, a German magazine reported on Wednesday. (AFP)

Bird Flu

Croatia Confirms Deadly Bird Flu in Swans

Presence of deadly H5N1 strain confirmed as EU health experts say it is safe to eat poultry products. (The Guardian)


Uzbeks Accused of Drugging Foe

The leader of an Uzbek opposition party who was arrested over the weekend was visited by his lawyer on Tuesday and found to be naked and in an incoherent state, the lawyer and the man's family said. His family said it feared the opposition leader had been drugged. (NY Times)

South Asia Earthquake

UN Raises Quake Aid Appeal

The United Nations has nearly doubled its appeal for aid for victims of the South Asia earthquake, as a leading charity accused wealthy nations of failing to respond to the disaster. (Al Jazeera)



Prosecutor Winding Up CIA Leak Probe

Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald met Wednesday with the grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA officer's identity, putting the finishing touches on a two-year criminal probe that has ensnared two senior White House aides. (AP)


German Court Convicts "Zarqawi Team" For Bomb Plans

Four Arab men accused of planning to bomb Jewish targets in Germany on the orders of militant Islamist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi were found guilty on Wednesday at the end of a marathon trial. (Reuters)


Iraqi Sunni Parties Form Alliance

Three Iraqi Sunni parties have announced the formation of an alliance to contest upcoming legislative elections in December. (BBC)

Zarqawi Claims Kidnapping Of Moroccan Embassy Employees

Rabat is to send diplomatic mission to Baghdad to help search effort for Boualam, El Mouhafidi. (Middle East Online)

Iraqi Constitution Yes Vote Approved by UN

Voters adopt new constitution despite opposition in Sunni Arab areas. (The Guardian)

IEDs Cause Half of War Deaths

Powerful roadside bombs are accelerating the mounting U.S. death toll in Iraq. (Washington Post)


Plamegate May Seem Arcane, but We All Have A Stake in The Outcome

This scandal offers an opportunity not only to discredit Bush, but the entire ideology used to justify the war in Iraq. (The Guardian)

Iraqi Foreign Fighters Seen as Small, But Deadly Force

As U.S. and Iraqi forces continue anti-insurgent operations in Iraq, a clearer picture is beginning to emerge of the foreign fighters who have slipped into the country to join the insurgency. Even though these foreign combatants are believed to be relatively few in number, they are a potent and deadly force. (Voice of America)

Iraq Referendum: Milestone Not Destination

The majority vote approving Iraq's constitution looks impressive - 78.59% to 21.41% - but the results hide a strong vote against by the Sunni population which was not far from derailing it. (BBC)

Kanaan's Mystery

Ghazi Kanaan's suicide, just days before Detlev Mehlis is due to present his findings in the enquiry into Rafik Al-Hariri's assassination, gave rise to much speculation. (Al Ahram Weekly)

Syrian People Should Not Be Made To Suffer For the Crimes of The Regime

"We are completely innocent," was the message on a sign that a young Syrian woman held during a pro-regime demonstration in Damascus yesterday. While it remains to be seen whether Syrian regime figures will face trial and punishment for their possible role in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. (The Daily Star)

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