Riots Spreading in Paris Suburbs



French Riots Spread Beyond Paris

The rioting and arson that has wracked eastern Paris suburbs for a week spreads out of the French capital. (BBC)

Riots in France: Slideshow (ABC News)


Source of Forged Niger-Iraq Uranium Documents Identified

Italy's spymaster identified a freelance Italian spy as the disseminator of fake papers on Iraq's hunt for uranium. (NY Times)

Italy Spy Chief Denies Iraq Claim Italy's spy chief denies any role in passing a bogus dossier to the US which claimed Iraq had tried to buy uranium from Niger. (BBC)

Avian Flu

New Bird Flu Outbreaks Hit Asia

Fresh outbreaks of bird flu are reported in China and Vietnam, as Japan culls chickens amid bird flu fears. (BBC)


Five US Marines Detained In Manila on Rape Charge

US warship held in the Philippines while authorities searched for five Marines accused of raping a Filipino woman. (AP)


Interpol Raises Alarm over Terrorist Access To Stolen Passports

With 10 to 15 million stolen passports in use around the world at the present time, the global struggle against terrorism is seriously hampered, Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble told AFP. (AFP)


UK Security Services Tracked London Bombers - Report

British security services secretly followed the four bombers who killed 52 people on London's transport network a year before the July 7 attacks, the Daily Mirror newspaper reported on Thursday. (Reuters)


US-Backed Arab TV Network to Be Investigated

Al-Hurra, the Arabic language satellite television network set up by the US administration to promote freedom and democracy in the Middle East, is to be investigated for possible irregularities, the state department confirmed on Thursday. (Financial Times)


Minister Feels 'Oil Scandal' Heat

Indian Foreign Minister Natwar Singh has held talks with senior political allies amid reports that he may quit over the Iraq oil-for-food scandal. (BBC)



U.N. Court Faces Fairness Issue at Milosevic Trial

Judges trying Slobodan Milosevic are facing a new test of the credibility of the international court: either they allow the former Yugoslav strongman to overhaul his defense schedule, or they risk accusations of an unfair trial. (NY Times)


Three Charged Over 'Terror Plot'

Three men will appear before central London magistrates this afternoon charged with a string of offences relating to alleged terrorist activities, including the possession of instructions on how to make rocket propellants and car bombs. (The Guardian)


Appeals Court Hears Cases on Patriot Act

A federal appeals panel has suggested it might require the government to permit libraries, major corporations and other groups to challenge FBI demands for records under the Patriot Act. (AP)


Morning Ambush Kills Iraqi Police

At least six Iraqi police die and more are injured in an insurgent attack near the city of Baquba. (BBC)

Tight Security As Iraq Shiites Celebrate Eid al-Fitr

Iraq's majority Shiite Muslims celebrated the first day of the Eid al-Fitr holiday as authorities maintained tight security fearing an increase in insurgent attacks. (AFP)

Al-Qaeda Tells Iraq Diplomats to Leave or Face Death

Al-Qaeda's branch in Iraq, which has threatened to kill two Moroccan hostages, called on diplomats in Baghdad to "pack their bags and leave" or face certain death, according to an Internet statement. (AFP)

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