Police Foil Terror Plot Down Under

Most wars overflow with mistakes and surprises. Still, in Iraq, much that has gone wrong could have been foreseen -- and was. (Washington Post)

WORLD VIEWS: Riots in France Demand Attention; CIA's Secret Prisons Raise Criticism, Questions Abroad

"Paris is burning," Italy's La Stampa gasped. Corriere della Sera sounded its own alarm: "It's criminal gangs like [the ones] in the ghetto of Los Angeles in 1992. It's an anarchic blackout. It's New Orleans on the Seine." (SFGate)

Why Paris Is Burning

Why is Paris burning? That's the red-hot question. Newsweek, in its latest edition, showed its ignorance and insensitivity by coming up with an Islamophobic slant: "Will the riots swell the ranks of jihadists in Europe?" The question remains, why is Paris burning? (Asia Times)

Head to Head: Religion and Politics in Iran

Iranian scholars have been preoccupied for years with the stormy relationship between religion and politics. (BBC)

Syria and the Price of Stability

Nations, akin to individuals, hang on to their roles. They seize the eras of power and the image of prosperous stages. They cleave to triumphs or gains, tending to refuse reading the changes. (Al Hayat)

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