Report: Swiss Have Proof of CIA Prisons


Secret CIA Prisons

Swiss Claim Proof that CIA Ran Europe Jails

Investigators say Egyptian government message could amount to indirect proof of claims. (The Guardian)

Ukraine Denies Existence of CIA Prisons on Its Territory

Ukraine rejected Tuesday a Swiss media report that the CIA was running secret prisons on its territory. (RIA Novosti)


Millions of Abortions of Female Fetuses Reported in India

As many as 10 million female fetuses may have been aborted in India over the past 20 years as families tried to secure male heirs, according to a study published Monday in The Lancet, the British medical journal. (NY Times)


Five More Turks Test Positive for Bird Flu

Five more people in Turkey have tested positive for an often-lethal strain of bird flu, raising the total number of cases to at least 14 since the outbreak was first identified there last week, health officials said Monday. Turkish officials moved quickly to allay public concern about a possible human epidemic. (Washington Post)

S. Korea

Researcher Faked Evidence of Human Cloning, Koreans Report

A South Korean researcher who claimed to have cloned human cells fabricated all his evidence, an investigation found. (NY Times)


Murder Trial Tests Yushchenko's Ukraine

Three policemen accused of killing high-profile investigative journalist go on trial in Ukraine. (The Guardian)

Judge Grants Pinochet Bail, but Conditionally

A judge granted bail to former military strongman Augusto Pinochet in the case of nine dissidents who disappeared during his dictatorship, but the ex-general will remain under house arrest while another court reviews the decision. (LA Times)


Iraqi Police Seek Kidnapped U.S. Reporter

Iraqi police were searching Monday for an American journalist who was kidnapped over the weekend when gunmen ambushed her car and killed her translator in western Baghdad. (AP)

In a New Book, Bremer Defends His Year in Iraq

As the Iraqi insurgency was escalating in the spring of 2004, top Pentagon authorities rejected an appeal for more troops from L. Paul Bremer, the senior U.S. official in Iraq, the Pentagon acknowledged yesterday. (Washington Post)


The New Nuclear Fear

The struggle to stem the spread of nuclear weapons is being lost. (The Age)

'Hearts and Minds' in Iraq

The Bush administration should increase its covert "propaganda" efforts in the Middle East. History is on its side. (Washington Post)

Truth, Settlement and Destruction

The Lebanese debate is dominated by the following question: if logical repercussions of the "truth" lead to infinite explosion and chaos. (Al Hayat)

A Killer Takes Wing

For the avian flu to reach North America -- and there is no known way to stop it -- all it will take is an infected bird's migration. (LA Times)

Wrong on Human Rights

John Bolton's proposal for reforming the U.N. Human Rights Commission leaves us questioning his judgment, and that of his bosses in the State Department and the White House. (NY Times)

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