Moussaoui Death Penalty Trial: A Closer Look

Moussaoui's Death Penalty Trial to Begin

The death penalty trial of the only man charged in the United States in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks opened Monday after four years of wrangling and delay. (AP)

Q&A: Moussaoui Trial

Zacarias Moussaoui - the only person to be charged in the United States in connection with the 11 September attacks - is finally going on trial after pleading guilty to conspiring to kill Americans. The BBC News website answers key questions about his case. (BBC)

Profile: Zacarias Moussaoui

Zacarias Moussaoui has often been referred to as "the 20th hijacker" who was prevented from taking part in the 9/11 attacks only because he was already under arrest. (BBC)

Opinion: No Delivery from Evil

Ever since the government picked Zacarias Moussaoui as the fall guy for 9/11, the case has been a public-relations disaster -- and the trial is only going to make it all. (Washington Post)


More Than 100 Militants Dead In Pakistan Clashes

More than 100 pro-Taliban militants were killed during three days of clashes with Pakistani forces in a remote tribal town, a provincial official said. (AFP)

Pakistan Sets a Curfew after 3 Days of Clashes

The authorities declared a curfew Monday in a remote northwestern town after three days of fighting between Pakistani security forces and pro-Taliban militants. Intelligence reports and accounts from arrested fighters indicated that more than 100 have died, officials said. (AP)

Comment: The Danger of An Explosion

The US risks repeating the disasters of the past by supporting Pakistan's military dictatorship. (The Guardian)


Zawahri Blasts Offences Against Prophet Mohammad-Web

Al Qaeda's deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri said offences against Prophet Mohammad were part of a "crusader" campaign led by the United States, according to a Web audio tape posted on Saturday. (Reuters)

Hamas Rejects Support of al Qaeda No. 2

Hamas officials shrugged off the support offered by al-Qaida's No. 2 leader, saying Sunday the Palestinian militant group has a different ideology than the terror network and won election through a moderate approach to Islam. (AP)

Analysis: Challenges for Al Qaeda and Hamas

Al Qaeda has issued a new video in which Ayman al-Zawahiri calls for Hamas, with its new political majority in the Palestinian territories, to continue its struggle against Israel and work toward establishing an Islamic state. (Strategic Forecasting)


Yemen Recaptures Three al Qaeda Fugitives

Yemeni forces have recaptured three al Qaeda inmates who were part of a group that tunnelled out of jail in the Arab country last month, a government official said on Monday. (Reuters)


'14,000 Detained Without Trial in Iraq'

US and UK forces in Iraq have detained thousands without charge or trial and there is growing evidence of torture by Iraqi security forces, Amnesty says. (The Guardian)

Pressure Grows to Oust Iraq's Prime Minister

Pressure mounted on Iraq's prime minister, Ibrahim Jaafari, yesterday to give way to a less divisive figure, as factions sought to bring the Shia cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani into the power struggle. (The Guardian)

Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Iraq Civil War is Likely

Washington Post-ABC News Poll Finds Sharp Decline in Optimism About Iraq War. (Washington Post- ABC News)

Iraq's Crisis of Scarred Psyches

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