EXCLUSIVE: Guantanamo's Innocents: Newly Released Prisoners Struggle to Find a Home

Afghanistan is a country ... where you can see guns everywhere. Out of my curiosity, I learned how to use them. It doesn't mean that I was seeking weapons training. I told the U.S. government that just learning how to use that machine gun does not make me a dangerous person or a person who would attack someone or gets me the title that I received military training.

Q: Do you want to go back to China? If not, why not?

A: No -- we don't want to go back to China. Chinese had been persecuting, discriminating and doing horrible things on our people. And recently, they've been calling anyone who disagrees with the Chinese either terrorists or separatists.

The second reason that we cannot go back is that the United States government invested so much energy and time to let the world know that anyone and everyone in Guantanamo is terrorist. [After] four-and-a-half years at Guantanamo Bay ... you earn a title "terrorist." And the Chinese strongly believe it.

Response from Washington

In earlier statements, the State Department has defended its treatement of the five Uighur men.

In February 2006, a representative told ABC News: "It is the longstanding policy of the United States not to transfer a person to a country if it is determined that it is more likely than not that the person will be tortured. We are looking into resettlement outside China."

Jeng-Tyng Hong in New York contributed to this article.

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