Security Crackdown in Baghdad

Its front lawn dotted with protest signs and its corridors bristling with police, the Supreme Court of Canada was told yesterday that a group of terrorism suspects live in a state of utter hopelessness in conditions the country declines to inflict on even its worst domestic criminals. (Globe and Mail)


A Prison We Need to Escape

When I hear U.S. officials describe the suicides of three Muslim prisoners at Guantanamo Bay last Saturday as "asymmetric warfare" and "a good PR move," I know it's time to close that camp -- not just because of what it's doing to the prisoners but because of how it is dehumanizing the American captors. (Washington Post)

The International Criminal Court: A Justice Network

Luis Moreno-Ocampo - The Rome Statute establishing the International Criminal Court created a remarkable innovation: an international justice network. Supported by an evolving network of cooperation, the ICC is investigating three of the gravest situations in the world. (Al-Hayat)

The Nuclear Politics of Oil

As negotiations continue between the Western powers and Iran, the politics of oil are significantly shaping the showdown over Iran's nuclear program. (Washington Post)

Who Will Kill the Other Al-Zarqawi?

At last, Al-Zarqawi has fallen, and Iraq has won the first round in its anti-terror fight. (al Arab Online)

Baghdad's Unwelcome Visitor

There are numerous explanations for President George W Bush's surprise trip to Iraq - such a surprise that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki didn't know about it until five minutes before they met. (Asia Times)

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