Report about Osama's Son Viewed as Not Credible by Analysts

Analysis: Massacres in Qana: Israel's Error, Then and Now

By Avi Shlaim

Lebanon is the victim of the cruel geopolitics of the Middle East, with the massacre of innocent civilians a recurrent feature of Israeli military intervention in this fragile, democratic, multiethnic republic. The history of Israel's involvement in the affairs of its northern neighbor is replete with lessons about the perils of intervention. (International Herald Tribune)


Top US Generals and British Diplomat Warn Iraq Could Slide into Civil War

Sectarian violence 'as bad as it has been in Baghdad.' Leaked memo to Blair paints grim picture. (The Guardian)

Analysis-Leaked Memo Shows Outgoing British Ambassador Sees Trouble Ahead For Iraq

Iraq is more likely to slide into civil war than turn into a democracy, Britain's outgoing ambassador to Baghdad wrote in a diplomatic cable that was leaked Thursday. (Daily Star)

At Least 18 Die in Attacks in Northern Iraq

At least 18 people died in violence in northern Iraq on Friday, police said, including a senior policeman in the country's third largest city Mosul. (Reuters)


Six Marines Charged in Iraq Assault Case

Six U.S. Marines were charged with assault late on Thursday in connection with suspected assaults on several Iraqi civilians in Hamdania, days before the alleged kidnapping and murder of an Iraqi civilian there. (Reuters)

Accused US Troops Branded 'War Criminals'

A military prosecutor branded four US soldiers who have been accused of murdering Iraqi prisoners "war criminals" on Friday and demanded they face a court martial. (Middle East Online)


Iran Criticized Over Prison Death

The death in custody of a well-known Iranian student activist has brought international condemnation. (BBC)


Fighting 'Leaves 25 Taleban Dead'

There has been a lot of fighting in the south of the country Afghan and US-led coalition forces have killed 25 Taleban militants in an operation in the southern province of Helmand, the coalition says. (BBC)

Canadian Convoy Struck a Day After Deadly Attacks Killed 4, Injured 10

A Canadian military convoy was rocked Friday by two roadside bombs in southern Afghanistan, a day after Canada suffered its highest-ever number of casualties since sending troops to the war-torn country. (CP)


7/11: Key Let Militant Arrested in J&K

In a significant development in the July 11 Mumbai blasts probe, police have arrested a Lashker-e-Taiba (LeT) militant, who was entrusted with the task of establishing a terror network in Mumbai, from Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir, official sources said on Friday. (Times of India)


North's New Missile Sites 'Target Japan'

North Korea is building new bases on its east coast, possibly to deploy ballistic missiles targeting Japan and its U.S. military installations, a state-run South Korean think tank said. (AP)


Problems Arise With Port Worker IDs

A Department of Homeland Security plan to require port workers to carry tamperproof photo ID cards has numerous security problems that threaten to delay it, investigators said Thursday. (AP)


Explosions Wound 13 People in Turkey

Thirteen people, including five police officers, were injured in two explosions in the southern Turkish city of Adana, the state news agency Anatolian said on Friday. (Reuters)

Analysis: Bombings in Turkey: TAK, Not Hezbollah, Tops the Suspect List

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