MIDEAST CRISIS: 40 Dead in Beirut and Hezbollah's History with Tehran


Tehran and Hezbollah's Secret History

During the student uprising in July 1999 and the violent confrontations that followed between Arab residents of the Iranian city of Ahvaz and the security services, many student leaders and Arab officials in the city spoke about the presence of hundreds of Arab troops within the ranks of the Iranian security forces and the Revolutionary Guards units quelled the protests. (Asharq al Awsat)

Iran Supplying Weapons to Hizballah as Humanitarian Aid

In a briefing before the Cabinet yesterday, head of the Israel Defense Forces Intelligence Division, Major General Amos Yadlin, said that Iran is supplying Hizballah with weapons under the guise of innocent humanitarian aid convoys. (Israel Today)


40 Killed in Strike on Lebanese Village

An Israeli attack on a Lebanese border village killed more than 40 people Monday, Lebanon's prime minister said, despite cease-fire efforts. (AP)

Soldier Killed in South Lebanon; Commandos Launch Raid Near Tyre

An Israel Defense Forces soldier was killed and four others were wounded in fierce fighting with Hezbollah fighters Monday morning in the south Lebanese village of Bint Jbail. (Haaretz)

Debate in the Arab Countries-Is Hizbullah a 'Resistance' Organization or Not? Cracks in the United Arab Position on Hizbullah's Right to 'Resistance' Against Israel

The war between Israel and Hizbullah has revealed profound disagreement in the Arab world concerning the legitimacy of Hizbullah's activities against Israel. Two major camps have emerged. The first camp, led by Saudi Arabia, opposed Hizbullah's activities and called them "uncalculated adventures," not "resistance," and said that in order for a group to be considered a resistance organization it must meet certain criteria that Hizbullah does not meet. The second camp, headed by Syria, has supported Hizbullah and has considered it a true resistance organization that is conducting "glorious national resistance" that brings honor to the Arabs. They contend that resistance is always legitimate, and that its legitimacy is not dependent on any particular conditions. (MEMRI)

Israel to Hit Wider Range of Lebanon Targets-Report

The Israeli army plans to attack strategic infrastructure targets and symbols of the Lebanese government after Hizbollah rockets killed 15 people in northern Israel, Israel's Haaretz newspaper reported Monday. (Reuters)

Israel Cuts Main Aid Artery into South Lebanon

An Israeli air strike destroyed the last crossing over Lebanon's Litani river on Monday, cutting off the main artery for aid to the southern port of Tyre and hard-hit areas nearby, humanitarian groups said. (Reuters)


U.S., Iraqi Forces Raid Shiite Militia

Iraqi and U.S. forces raided a Shiite militia stronghold of Baghdad Monday, triggering a gunbattle that left three people dead. (Guardian)

9 Iraqi Soldiers Killed in Truck Bombing

A suicide truck bomber struck the provincial headquarters of an Iraqi police commando force north of Baghdad on Monday, killing at least nine troops and wounding 10 civilians, police said. (AP)

US Reinforces Troops in Baghdad

US forces have taken up positions in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, in the first visible sign that a new security plan is being implemented. (BBC)


Investigator: Drinking Preceded Killings

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