Billions of Dollars in Damage Followed by Billions of Dollars in Fraud


Billions of Dollars in Damage Followed by Billions of Dollars in Fraud

Tina Marie Winston says she watched in horror a year ago as her two daughters, aged five and six, were swept away and drowned during Hurricane Katrina. She collected $5,600 from FEMA for her "pain and suffering" to help pay for her daughters' burial. (ABC News)

Katrina One Year Later
(ABC News)


Pakistan Says Britain Seeks Airliner Plot Suspect

Britain has requested the extradition of a Briton of Pakistani descent who was arrested in Pakistan this month on suspicion of involvement in a plot to bomb airliners over the Atlantic, Pakistan said on Monday. (Reuters)

New Facts Emerge in Terror Plot

On Aug. 9, in a small apartment in east London, two young Muslim men recorded a video justifying what the police say was their suicide plot to blow up trans-Atlantic planes: revenge against the United States and their "accomplices," Britain and the Jews. [This story published in this morning's print edition of the New York Times has not yet been made available on An abbreviated version can be found at (Toronto Star)]


At Least 23 Dead in Iraq Violence

The death toll mounted in Iraq Monday as clashes between Shiite militiamen and U.S.-backed Iraqi forces in a southern city killed at least 23 and injured 70 while a suicide bombing in the capital killed 15, including 8 policemen. (Washington Post)

Homicide Charges Rare in Iraq War

The majority of U.S. service members charged in the unlawful deaths of Iraqi civilians have been acquitted, found guilty of relatively minor offenses or given administrative punishments without trials, according to a Washington Post review of concluded military cases. Charges against some of the troops were dropped completely. (Washington Post)


4 Blasts Hit Turkey, Injuring 27

Four separate bombs at a popular Turkish coastal resort and in the country's commercial hub Istanbul wounded at least 27 people, including 10 British tourists, authorities said on Monday. (Reuters)


Afghan Market Blast Kills 17

A suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowded market in southern Afghanistan today, killing 17 people and wounding 47. (The Guardian)


Cause of Deadly Comair Crash Probed

Investigators probing the fiery crash of Comair Flight 5191 want to know why it tried to take off from a runway considered far too short for commercial passenger planes. All but one of the 50 people aboard died. (ABC News)


Atomic Inquiry in Japan Looks at Possible Iran Link

An investigation into a Japanese manufacturer suspected of exporting sophisticated measuring devices to Libya's former atomic weapons program has increasingly focused on whether the company also sold similar equipment to Iran, a government official said Monday. (New York Times)


Freed Fox Pair Tell of Kidnap Torment Before Forced Conversion To Islam Two journalists from the American Fox News channel were freed unharmed in Gaza yesterday after being forced at gunpoint to convert to Islam at the end of a two-week kidnapping ordeal. (The Guardian)


Teen Held for 8 Years Defends Her Captor

Austrian Teen Held for 8 Years Until Dramatic Escape Defends Her Captor As 'a Part of My Life' (AP)


Hezbollah Chief Indicates Regret for Kidnappings

Nasrallah says he would not have ordered the seizure of Israeli troops had he known the result. (LA Times)

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