EXCLUSIVE: Two Snipers and Car Captured in Iraq


Two Snipers and Car Captured in Iraq

ABC News has obtained exclusive photographs of two alleged Iraqi snipers and a vehicle modified as a "mobile shooting platform." (ABC News)

Series of Attacks Leaves 46 Dead in Iraq

A series of attacks killed at least 46 people across Iraq Thursday, including 39 within a half hour in a Shiite section of Baghdad, officials said. At least 118 people were wounded. (AP)


IAEA Says Iran Not Stopping Enrichment

Iran's president defiantly refused to compromise as a U.N. deadline for his country to stop enriching uranium arrived Thursday, saying Tehran would not be bullied into giving up its right to nuclear technology. (AP)

U.S. Military Sees Iran's Nuke Bomb 5 Years Away

The U.S. military is operating under the assumption that Iran is five to eight years away from being able to build its first nuclear weapon, a time span that explains a general lack of urgency within the Bush administration to use air strikes to disable Tehran's atomic program. (The Washington Times)


Gunman Enters British Embassy in Israel

An armed man threatening to commit suicide apparently breached security at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv and was loose on the grounds inside, Israeli police said Thursday. The man, of Arab descent, was demanding asylum in the United Kingdom, police officials said. (AP)


Israel Says Syria, Not Just Iran, Supplied Missiles to Hezbollah

New postwar intelligence indicates that the militant group Hezbollah had broader access to sophisticated weaponry than was publicly known — including large numbers of medium-range rockets made in Syria, said U.S. and Israeli government officials and military analysts. (L.A. Times)

Egyptian Weekly on Hizbullah's Armed Children's Militias

In its August 18, 2006 edition, the Egyptian weekly Roz Al-Yusuf featured an investigative article by Mirfat Al-Hakim titled "Hizbullah's Children's Militias." The article reveals that Hizbullah has recruited over 2,000 children aged 10-15 to serve in armed militias, and that the Hizbullah-affiliated Mahdi Scouts youth organization is training them to become martyrs. The following are excerpts from the article. (MEMRI)


No Avian Flu Found After Thousands of Alaskan Birds Tested

The expected avian flu outbreaks in North American birds have yet to show up. (ABC News)


Foreign Fighters Join Taliban in Afghanistan, U.K. Says

Foreign fighters are starting to appear among Taliban forces fighting British troops in southern Afghanistan, a senior British official said on Wednesday. (Reuters)

U.S. Says Afghan Opium Production Soars, But Fight against Problem Getting Better

A top U.S. official acknowledged Thursday that Afghanistan opium production was soaring, but that the United States believes it has a strategy to successfully fight the problem. (AP)


No Death Penalty for Iraq Marine

US military prosecutors will not seek the death penalty for a US marine charged with killing an Iraqi civilian. (BBC)


Experts Fear Africa Next Big Stage for Al Qaeda

There is mounting evidence that the African continent will become the next Al Qaeda hotbed as the militant group seeks to expand its global operations, a senior expert on terrorism said. (Reuters)


Darfur Rebels Say Attacked as U.N. Vote Nears

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