Lebanon Minister Assassinated


Lebanese Cabinet Minister is Killed

Prominent anti-Syrian Christian politician Pierre Gemayel was assassinated in a suburb of Beirut on Tuesday, his Phalange Party Voice of Lebanon radio station reported. (AP)

Chronology of Political Killings since February 2005

Minister Pierre Gemayel was assassinated by gunmen in Beirut on Tuesday. His fatal shooting will certainly heighten the political tension in Lebanon, where the leading Muslim Shiite party Hezbollah has threatened to topple the government if he does not get a bigger say in Cabinet decision making. (Daily Star)


Russian Spy Service Denies Poisoning Ex-agent

Russia's spy service said on Tuesday it had had no hand in the poisoning of former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko -- and wished him a speedy recovery. (Reuters)

Poisoned Spy 'Had Death Threats'

A friend of a former Russian spy seriously ill in a London hospital said both had received e-mail threats days before his poisoning. (BBC)


3 Iraqis Killed in Coalition Raid

Coalition forces raided Baghdad's Sadr City Shiite stronghold on Tuesday, killing three people, including a young boy, police said. Holding the body of the child in his arms, a Shiite legislator condemned Iraq's government for allowing such attacks. (AP)

Syria, Iraq Restore Ties To Combat Militants

Iraq and Syria agreed to restore full diplomatic relations on Tuesday after a break of a quarter of a century, a move Iraq hopes may help stem what it says is Syrian support for militants. (Reuters)

Suicide Bombers on the Loose

Terrorist organizations have dispatched suicide bombers around the country to attack government officials and other VIPs, according to intelligence reports sent to the Interior Ministry. (Daily Times)


Pakistan Police Arrest Dozens of Taliban Suspects

Pakistani police arrested more than two dozen suspected Taliban fighters on Tuesday in a raid on an Islamic school in the southwestern city of Quetta, police said. (Reuters)

Abducted BBC Journalist Released

Kidnapped BBC Urdu service reporter Dilawar Khan Wazir has been released, a day after he went missing in Pakistan. (BBC)


HIV Infection on Rise In All Regions: U.N. Report

HIV infection is rising in every region of the world and most worryingly in countries like Uganda and Thailand, which had been heralded as success stories in the fight against AIDS, the United Nations said on Tuesday. (Reuters)


ABC News Extremist Website Monitoring

This is a daily update of some of what can be found on militant Islamist websites that are often used by al Qaeda and its sympathizers, insurgent groups in Iraq and other groups for propaganda, recruiting and communication purposes. (ABC News)


A Discredit to the United Nations

The old, unreformed United Nations Human Rights Commission was selective and one-sided, but occasionally managed to do some good work. That may be more than can be said for its successor body, the Human Rights Council, born earlier this year of a weak-kneed compromise from which the United States stood honorably apart. If this is the best the U.N. can do at reforming itself, it isn't worth the effort. (NY Times)

Why Only Darfur?

By Anne Applebaum

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