New U.S. Air Strike on Somalia

President Bush almost certainly didn't intend it, but his speech reinforced one vital political fact - that it's not just up to him anymore. (NY Times)

New Face on a Tough War

By David Ignatius

For a nation bitterly divided over Iraq, the one point of agreement seems to be that Lt. Gen. David Petraeus is the right commander for U.S. forces in Baghdad. (Washington Post)

Turkey Rises Above Its Ultra-nationalists

By Simon Tisdall

Not for the first time, the violence of extremists has achieved the exact opposite of what they intended. (The Guardian)

Ideas For The Secretary General Of The Disunited Nations

By Richard N. Haass

The good news for Ban Ki-moon is that he has become secretary general of the United Nations at a time when the prospects for conflict between or among the world's great powers - the United States, China, Japan, Russia, Europe, and India - are remote. The bad news is that the prospects for just about every other sort of conflict are high and the international agenda is both crowded and demanding. (Daily Star)

North Korea Bites a Golden Bullet

By Donald Kirk

North Korea, with a chunk of its international assets frozen as a result of US Treasury pressure, is also being shunned by the international banks that buy gold. (Asia Times)

Iraq: From Mistakes to Sins

By Turki al-Hamad

The fatal mistake the current US administration made in its 2003 invasion of Iraq was emptying the country of all its political institutions without an alternative ready to fill the ensuing vacuum. (Asharq al Awsat)

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