N. Korea Might Consider Dismantling Nukes

While the issue over secret CIA prisons in Europe continues to simmer, new allegations over undisclosed CIA flights transporting suspected terrorists is pushing European officials to demand answers from Washington. (Deutsche Welle)


Suicide Bombs Show Pakistan Confronting Taliban Menace

For all the doubts about Pakistan's commitment to fighting the Taliban, a recent wave of suicide attacks on its soldiers and cities belies suspicions that they might be in cahoots, analysts and diplomats say. (Reuters)


Ex-Rebel Becomes Aceh Governor

A former separatist rebel has been sworn in as the first directly elected governor of Indonesia's Aceh province. (BBC)


Extra Troop's Plea for Afghanistan

Nato military commanders are set to make a further request from member states for more troops and resources to fight the Taleban in Afghanistan. (BBC)


Man Arrested Under Terrorism Act

A 31-year-old man has been arrested in east London for encouraging terrorism, Scotland Yard has said. (BBC)


China Adds Jet Fighter That Rivals World Best

For more than two decades, China has labored to build its first state-of-the-art jet fighter as part of the country's drive to become a leading military power. (International Herald Tribune)


ABC News Extremist Website Monitoring

This is a daily update of some of what can be found on militant Islamist websites that are often used by al Qaeda and its sympathizers, insurgent groups in Iraq and other groups for propaganda, recruiting and communication purposes. (ABC News)


Jihad Versus The Knights Of Justice: Inside Jordan's War On Al Qaeda

By Ian Black In Irbid

Suleiman al-Anjadi died as he would have surely wished: fighting until he was cut down, a soldier in the army of jihad. But there is nothing heroic about the scene of his martyrdom, a one-storey house flanked by a small olive grove and piles of smashed breezeblocks bulldozed in the assault that took his life. (The Guardian)

Middle Eastern Freedom Lags As Washington Turns Away

The state of freedom in the Middle East declined in 2006 from the previous year, according to the findings of "Freedom in the World," the long-running annual survey released recently by Freedom House. (The Daily Star)

An Uphill Battle on Baghdad's Mean Streets

By Brian M Downing

The United States' war in Iraq, as is more apparent with each passing year, is going badly. The administration of President George W Bush has recently admitted as much and announced a new strategy - or at least a new word. "Counterinsurgency" glitters in studies of guerrilla war, darkles in news reports, but is not generally understood. Accordingly, the term either enjoys a talismanic quality, offering hope of reversing failing fortunes, or it is dismissed as a new buzzword, replacing others that have lost luster and utility. (Asia Times)

Manila's Travel Ban on Nigeria

By Carmen Gentile

The Philippines will continue to enforce a travel ban for those wanting to go to oil-rich Nigeria, where 24 Pilipino contractors are being held by armed militants, until the safety of its workers can be guaranteed, a Filipino official told United Press International. (UPI)

Mimicking the US Approach to Cuba Will Get Us Nowhere

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