EXCLUSIVE: Iranian President Ducks Charges That Iran Is Arming Iraqi Insurgents

Recently, from his perch at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School, Germany's former foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, wrote a commentary warning of the dangers in an American military attack against Iran. His views are significant in that they are shared by many Bush administration critics in the United States and Europe. (Daily Star)

Shiaa Fundamentalism is Not a Substitute

By Sayyed Wild Abah

Last year I asked an American politician: "Do you not see that your project in the end failed and did not achieve the desired goals now that the country has transformed into a state of devastation and mass destruction?" (Asharq Alawsat)

The Story of Abu Walid al Masri: The Ideologue of the Afghan Arabs

By Mohammed Al Shafey

London, Asharq Al-Awsat- Safiyah al Shami, the sister-in-law of Mustafa Hamid, who is known as Abu Walid al Masri, the ideologue of the Afghan Arabs, has disclosed that he is currently detained in Iran alongside his eldest son and two of his sons-in-law, one of whom is believed to be Saif al Adel, the military commander of Al Qaeda. (Alsharq Alawsat)

State Of Denial

By Jeff Stein

Doug Feith got off easy. He's not in handcuffs, getting a mug shot like some astronaut. He wasn't duck-walked out his office with a bag over his head. But Congress got off pretty easy itself. You won't hear much this week about Congress' failure to ride herd on Feith and his co-conspirators to twist the intelligence on Iraq and stampede the country into war. (Congressional Quarterly)

How to Stop the U.S. From Being Goliath

By Niall Ferguson

American soldiers have superior training and weapons, but insurgents know the terrain. (LA Times)

The Reappearance of al Qaeda's Online Magazine

A premier Web-based al Qaeda magazine likely published in Saudi Arabia appeared again Feb. 8 -- the first issue since April 2005. The publication of a fresh edition indicates that the Saudi node of the global militant Islamist movement, which was weakened after a Saudi security crackdown that began in mid-2004, might have revived itself. (Stratfor)

Contempt for Our Culture

By Soumaya Ghannoushi

In his remarks on British Muslims, David Cameron betrays a familiar Tory hostility to pluralism. (The Guardian)

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