Russia's Richest Scuffle in London

Berezovsky said he made less than $1 billion from the sale of these assets, despite their market value being significantly higher. He claimed that Abramovich had acted on behalf of Putin.

Saturday, it seemed as if Berezovsky had gotten his wish, having handed over the legal summons to his bitter rival, now one of Britain's richest men, worth a staggering $22 billion.

But no confirmation was forthcoming from Abramovich's camp.

According to the Russian newspaper Vendomosti, Abramovich's spokesman John Mann said it was impossible for Berezovsky to have served the writ to the Russian billionaire Saturday, as Abramovich left London on Wednesday.

But when ABC News contacted John Mann, he refused to confirm the incident or comment on the matter.

The only way to verify if the legal summons was indeed served is by viewing the Hermes store's CCTV footage.

Berezovsky's lawyers are believed to have already asked the shop to hand over the footage, as proof that the tycoon has served Abramovich with a legal writ.

If the summons has been served, Abramovich "is now legally obliged to deal with the consequences," according to a legal expert interviewed by ABC News. The ensuing case will now fall under British jurisdiction.

Both men are currently based in London. Berezovsky fled to Britain in 2000 and was granted political asylum in 2003. Since buying Chelsea Soccer Club four years ago, Abramovich has spent much of his time in London, all the while holding the title of governor of Russia's remote Chukotka region, near Alaska.

Unlike his one-time mentor, Abramovich is said to maintain close ties with Putin, who is believed to have advised Abramovich in the aftermath of his divorce from his second wife, Irina.

But unlike the four-times-married Berezovsky, who cuts a colorful figure across Britain's tabloids, Abramovich is known for his reserved and more reclusive lifestyle. Since his divorce, he has been dating a 24-year-old Russian model, Daria Zhukova, and makes every effort to keep his private life under wraps.

If plans for a proposed musical about his life go ahead, however, Abramovich may well see an end to his cherished anonymity. Last month, producer Tony Cartwright shared his intention to begin work on a musical about the Russian billionaire.

Early reports say that the production will feature a character modeled on Berezovsky, who will send a solo number titled "I'm Thinkin' of Shootin' Putin."

Whether last weekend's fracas will make it into the final stage version is anyone's guess. For the time being, Berezovsky's lawyers are waiting for Hermes to release the CCTV footage to British police, so that the case against Abramovich can get under way.

Marko Zoric contributed to the reporting of this story.

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