Italy Coed Murder: One Suspect Caught, One Released

Today the father of Italian suspect Rafaelle Sollecito spoke to ABC News and other reporters outside the jail in Perugia after visiting his son. Told of Guede's arrest in Germany he said, "I am personally very happy to hear this good news." He insisted that it would be more correct to talk about Guede being "the only man involved in the case, not the fourth."

He stressed that his son didn't know Guede and had never met him. With this arrest, he now hopes the lawyers will be able to clarify his son's position and argue convincingly for his release from jail soon.

Perugia investigators are also hopeful that this new arrest will bring them closer to discovering who was in the house the night of the murder and who did it.

Christel Kucharz contributed reporting from Passau, Germany, and Phoebe Natanson from Rome.

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