Castro's Latin American Legacy


The pro-Castro argument is wearing thin. Too much has been heard about human rights abuses and the corruption in the Cuban regime. The support that was once so sturdy now is unable to even argue against calling him a dictator.

"When you ask these intellectuals 'why is it that he cannot be called a dictator?' they cannot even respond against it," Galeno told ABC News. Perhaps because these same left-wing thinkers, filled with ardent loyalty toward the man who gave them support in the darkest hours of the Brazilian junta, felt a sense of betrayal when they saw how Castro became the very thing they were fighting against.

For now, respectful attitudes continue but slowly a wind of change can be felt.

"All the main intellectuals were always left-wing," Galeno said. "Now there is a culture of right-wing intellectualism emerging, which is inspired by ideas formed in the United States."

A change in the air, perhaps? Or maybe the old ideas are simply running out of gas.

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