Oil for Food Indictments

A new US rule banning airline passengers carrying cigarette lighters in their hand-luggage has revived a debate over tighter travel security. (BBC)

GMU Faculty Decries Patriot Act

Resolution warns of threat to academic freedom. (Washington Post)


Karzai Hints at Permanent U.S. Military Basing

During a Rumsfeld visit, the Afghan president says the people want long-term ties with America. But some are critical of strategy. (LA Times)


Twin Car Bombings Kill 18 in Baghdad

Two Car Bombs Explode Near Government Offices in Baghdad Killing 18 People and Wounding Three Dozen. (AP)

Iraq's Qaeda Claims Twin Bomb Attacks In Baghdad

Iraq's al Qaeda wing claimed responsibility for twin suicide car bombs that killed at least 15 people near an Interior Ministry building in Baghdad on Thursday, according to a statement posted on the Internet. (Reuters)

In pictures: Explosions Rock Iraq (BBC)

Foreigners Still Held Hostage in Iraq

Foreigners Still Held Hostage or Missing in Iraq. (AP)

Faltering Hearts And Minds In Falluja

Vast sums of money are still pouring into Iraq for reconstruction including $100m for the rebuilding of Falluja, the city that became something of a symbol of the battle with Iraq's insurgents. (BBC)

Pentagon's War Spending Hard to Track — Watchdog

The Defense Department is unable to track how it spent tens of millions of dollars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the U.S. war on terrorism, Congress's top investigator said on Wednesday. (Reuters)

Iraqi Shiite Party Poised For Power But Haunted By Its Past

A top candidate for Iraq's interior minister, one of the most powerful posts in the new government, is the leader of a once-feared Shiite militia accused of torture by former prisoners of war. (AFP)


Israel, Iran, And Nuclear Weapons Programs

As Sharon renews warnings about Iran, the U.S. may be ready to turn up the heat on Israel's nukes. (CS Monitor)

Exaggerated Threats

The acquittal of four suspects this week — and the dropping of charges against another four — in the 'ricin' terrorist plot raises wider issues than just the effectiveness of our current terrorist investigating processes. (The Guardian)

When Good News Is No News

When it comes to reporting on the Iraq war, the Old Media might as well be an appendage of the antiwar wing of the Democratic Party. It is astonishing how little coverage we have seen of the positive trend there over the last few months. (Washington Times)

Old Iraqi Nemeses, Deadly Demands

The new interim government in Iraq inherits old enemies in the form of the insurgency and  demands that the US pull out its troops. Together, these promise to sap the administration's energy, but could also threaten its very existence. If it's to survive at all, the government must swiftly demonstrate its independence from Washington. (Asia Times)

I Have Got Paid! On April 8 and 9, 2005, I wrote two articles on the oil-for-food "scandal" in Iraq and I said that it is nothing compared to the corruption scandals in Iraq under the U.S. occupation. (Al Hayat)

What Do We Do About Darfur?

The answer is clear, but we don't have the will. (LA Times)

No Law Is Above Rights

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