Expert Says Haiti Needs Help

I'm really dreaming here. A five- to-10-year commitment. Not saying that they need to -- the international community requires to be present at that point, for the entire period. But looking at key trip wires ... What are preconditions that ensure stability which would contribute to the ability to governments to govern? To ensure that developmental, economic and social developmental policies can be put in place, and that are sustainable.

We have many little success stories. We go to areas where we've worked over the past 40, 50 years, and we do encounter where we've been able to invest in the community level, and not just infrastructure or social services, but in terms of community-based processes that enable Haitians to continue to have a voice to manage and maintain their resources in ways that protect them and enable them to live a better quality of life.

A five- to 10-year commitment that really lays out that there is a real commitment that rebuilds the trust and if necessary it intimidates those that want to see an unstable Haiti to realize that they're in it in the long haul.

How far away is the international community from that kind of commitment?

In people's intent -- I think people desire that. [But] I think there are so many constraints -- we are very, very far.

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