Afghan Prisoner Abuse

The man who was in charge of Saddam Hussein's disguise plan is now part of the inner circle of Abu Musaab al Zarqawi, an Iraqi interior ministry source told al Hayat newspaper. The disguise expert often accompanies al Zarqawi and has taught him how to speak different Iraqi dialects. Al Hayat also reports that there's information indicating that al Zarqawi knows how to speak sign language. Meanwhile, sources close to insurgent groups said al Jaysh al Islami in Iraq and not al Qaeda in Iraq, was the biggest insurgent group. The two groups had a brief alliance but split after al Jaysh al Islami objected to the killing of civilians. Al Jaysh al Islami, which is made up of former Iraqi intelligence and military officers, is restricting suicide operations and using car bombs to attacks U.S. forces. (Al Hayat)

British Lawyers To Pursue Iraqi Security Forces Over Killings

Families of 15 Iraqi Sunnis found in a mass grave north of Baghdad are to pursue alleged perpetrators in a British court. (The Guardian)

Army Warns Iraqi Forces On Abuse of Detainees

Before leaving Iraq in February, the 1st Cavalry Division compiled a list of more than 100 allegations of abusive treatment of detainees over the previous six months — not by U.S. troops, but by Iraqi soldiers and police. (Washington Post)

U.S. Anger At Saddam Underwear Shot

The U.S. military says it is investigating "aggressively" after a picture appeared in a British paper showing Saddam Hussein half naked. (BBC)

U.S. Moves to Reassert Itself in Iraq Affairs

As insurgent attacks grow, U.S. officials are returning to a more active role to improve services, foster an inclusive government. (LA Times)

British Memo on U.S. Plans for Iraq War Fuels Critics

Critics of the Bush administration are portraying a British government memo as evidence that the president was intent on war with Iraq earlier than acknowledged. (NY Times)

Muslims Dismiss Zarqawi's Argument

Muslims yesterday dismissed the religious justification for killing innocents given by Al Qaeda's leader in Iraq. (Arab News)

Al Zarqawi Group Denies Syria Meeting

Iraq's al Qaeda has denied US accusations that an upsurge in car bomb attacks in Iraq was ordered at a meeting of the group in Syria, according to an Internet statement. (Al Jazeera)


An 'Anti-Terror' Tyrant

President Islam A. Karimov of Uzbekistan has wrapped himself in the flag of anti-terrorism and done well by it: hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. aid, a U.S. military base that demonstrates the close ties between Tashkent and Washington, and bland statements from the United States about his country's appalling human rights record. (LA Times)

Where Torture And Terror Rule

The slaughter of civilians by Uzbek troops has exposed to the world President Islam Karimov's war on his own people. Travelling across the country, Justin Marozzi heard the voices of fear everywhere. (The Guardian)

Rafsanjani: A Necessary Candidate Put To The Test

Those familiar with Iran affairs know that Iran is full of competent figures capable of undertaking difficult tasks and facing the many sizeable challenges. (Al Hayat)

The Best P.R.: Straight Talk

The greatest respect we can show to Arabs and Muslims is to take them seriously and stop gazing at our own navels. (NY Times)

Presumption of Innocence No Longer Granted to Americans

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