Windsors Aren't Only Royals With Scandals

In 1982, Caroline suffered the loss of her mother, Princess Grace, in an auto accident. The next year, Caroline married an Italian, Stefano Casiraghi. Their son Andrea was born six months later. They had two more children, Charlotte and Pierre. In 1990, Casiraghi was killed in an accident during a speedboat race.

The widowed Caroline was in shock for some time, but in 1991 her romance with French actor Vincent Lindon became public. In 1995, Caroline took up with a married man, Prince Ernst of Hanover. Ernst's wife eventually asked for a divorce. Caroline — already pregnant, according to the gossips — married Ernst. She gave birth in 1999 to Princess Alexandra of Hanover.

But that didn't mean the end of scandal for Caroline, thanks to her husband. In June, he was fined $440,000 by a German court for yelling over the phone at an editor of a newspaper that printed pictures of the prince urinating in public. The prince was earlier fined in connection with the beating of a disco owner on a Kenya island and for injuring a photographer in Austria.

Bottom line: Caroline may or may not tire of her hubby's churlishness. Meanwhile, she continues to fulfill royal duties in Monaco. And if for some reason her brother Albert doesn't marry, one of Caroline's children could eventually inherit the title.

Monaco: Princess Stephanie

Princess Stephanie seems never to have recovered from the trauma of the auto accident that killed her mother. For many years, rumors have persisted that it was the underage Stephanie who was at the wheel. But it seems that Princess Grace was driving, and lost control of the vehicle when she suffered a small stroke. Reportedly, she had been arguing with her daughter about Stephanie's boyfriend just before the accident.

Since her mother's death, Stephanie had a string of highly publicized romances and dabbled in careers as a model and pop singer. But the scandal sheets had a field day when the princess became pregnant by her bodyguard, Daniel Ducruet. Stephanie gave birth to Louis in 1992 and Pauline in 1994 before Prince Rainier finally gave his daughter permission to marry Ducruet. But the marriage didn't last long. Ducruet was caught on camera cavorting with a lady who bore the distinctive title of Miss Topless Belgium. Stephanie headed to divorce court.

When she gave birth to her next child, daughter Camille Marie Kelly, the princess declined to name the father. Gossip identified him as another of Stephanie's bodyguards.

But Steph's next exploit topped all her previous antics. She ran away with the circus. More specifically, a circus ringmaster and elephant trainer. The romance became public when the object of her affection, a Swiss named Franco Knie, announced plans to divorce his wife. Meanwhile, Stephanie and her children moved into a mobile home and started traveling with the circus.

Bottom line: The British tabloid The Sun summed it up in one pithy headline: Trailer Park Princess.

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