Iraq Repositions Troops, Preps for War

Saddam will want to make U.S. troops come after him, experts said.

"He's going force us to come in and root him out of, particularly, Baghdad," Joseph Wilson, who was acting U.S. ambassador to Iraq from 1990-1991, told ABCNEWS' Claire Shipman.

Low-Tech Means Against a High-Tech Army

New trenches around Baghdad are also intended to throw off American laser-guided bombs, which were so devastating in the 1991 Persian Gulf War, U.S. intelligence sources said.

The trenches would be filled with burning oil with the hope that the smoke would throw off the bombs. Iraq has recently tested a burning trench, Pentagon officials said.

That tactic could be wasted, however; U.S. forces now also rely on satellite-guided bombs, which are unaffected by smoke.

Saddam is also employing old-fashioned methods to make sure his conscript-filled army doesn't collapse as it did during the Gulf War. In 1991, thousands of Iraqi soldiers surrendered without a fight.

Sources say members of the elite Republican Guard have been added to regular units as "stiffeners" — to stiffen the grunts' resolve to fight by letting them know they will be shot if they don't.

It's clear from military intelligence that, if it comes to war, Saddam plans to handle this one very differently from the last. But experts point out he has very different goals this time around as well.

Last time, he was trying to hang on to Kuwait. This time, he's struggling to hang on to power.

ABCNEWS' John McWethy, Claire Shipman and Andrew Chang contributed to this report.

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