Milosevic Trial Also Big Test for Tribunal

Experts say it will not be difficult to show that Serb forces exterminated civilian populations in Kosovo, Bosnia and Croatia — but the challenge will be to show a clear link to Milosevic himself.

It will not be enough just to say he was president of Serbia, and later Yugoslavia, and was therefore ultimately responsible. Much of the prosecution's case will depend on documentary evidence showing Milosevic's knowledge of the atrocities.

But in an interview with Italy's La Repubblica newspaper, del Ponte said Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica had denied her access to military records.

Still, she said she was confident of a conviction: "Milosevic can rest assured that there is irrefutable evidence against him proving his responsibility for genocide."

More than 1 million people were killed, and thousands were maimed and wounded in the three conflicts that comprise Milosevic's indictment.

The Kosovo indictment, issued in 1999, accuses him of responsibility, along with four other senior Serbs, for the murders of 900 Kosovo Albanians and expulsion of 800,000 civilians from their homes.

The Croatia indictment, which came in 2000, accuses him of responsibility for the deaths of hundreds of Croats and other non-Serbs between 1991-92 and the deportation of 170,000.

The Bosnia indictment accuses him of responsibility for the Srebrenica massacre of several thousand Bosnian Muslim men and boys, the siege of Sarajevo and the deportation or imprisonment of more than a quarter of a million people.

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