The View From Overseas

In the days that followed, I awoke each morning with an ache in my gut. Friends here say they felt the same way, and not just foreigners. Japanese too. All the reports were unnerving: 300 firefighters missing, people jumping out of windows, and all those poor people on the airplanes, flown to their deaths. I kept wishing it was all just a bad dream.

I was then overcome by a desire to do something, ANYTHING, to help. Wanted to just BE back home in California, or better yet, in NY, even if it was only with a broom in hand helping to clean up a dusty sidewalk. I guess I did the next best thing. I found a reputable charity (a memorial fund set up the families of the 300 missing firefighters) and donated some money. Felt a lot better when I did that. I think I started to heal a bit at that point.

But I'm still upset, and I'm still angry.

— Art Amor

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