American Tried in Peru for Guerilla Ties

During her stay in Peru, Berenson took out a press credential with the Peruvian Journalists' Association to write for the publications Modern Times and Third World Viewpoint. She visited Congress several times with a photographer who later turned out to be well-known MRTA rebel Nancy Gilvonio, the prosecution said.

Berenson denied she had ever prepared maps of Congress or corrected articles written by MRTA members for the rebel mouthpiece Voz Rebelde (Rebel Voice), although handwriting tests done by police experts allegedly matched her writing.

"I can't comment on what I haven't seen," Berenson said.

Judge Marcos Ibazeta cautioned the prosecutor to limit himself to questions on facts, not evidence which the accused had not seen.

Berenson said she knew little about the MRTA before coming to Peru, saying only she believed the group had mass support among the population.

"Lori is innocent," said her father, Mark Berenson.

The elder Berenson, who along with his wife Rhoda has waged a five-year campaign for a new trial, has criticized this hearing as little better than the original summary trial. He said his daughter has not been allowed to see key evidence or be present during questioning of other witnesses.

The trial resumes Friday.

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