Rape of Model Points up Fashion's Dark Side

Ghezzi has accused the two agency executives, Mandelli and Alberto Righini, with abandonment of minors, a charge usually applied in the case of children under age 14. But it can be extended to anyone else deemed unable to care for themselves, and Ghezzi argues that applies to the teen-age model.

Armani Sides With Prosecution

A judge must now decide whether or not to indict the executives.

Giorgio Armani, one of the biggest names in the industry, supported the prosecutor.

"I agree with those who say that the agencies should have the legal role of looking after models who are minors during the time parents entrust them to the agencies," he was quoted as saying in Italian newspapers.

More than one designer has called for a minimum age of 16 for models, like France has.

The girl has returned to Slovenia and, according to Ghezzi, is undergoing counseling.

The two executives fend off the accusations, blaming not only the father, but what they called a "playboy network" surrounding the fashion world.

"In Italy, a model can live without spending a penny. From breakfast to restaurants and discos, they can get everything for free," Mandelli said.

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