Italy's Berlusconi Basks in Pillow Talk Praise

Like a good soap opera, the daily release of quotes from Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's alleged tryst with an escort gets a little steamier each day.

Today's release records escort Patrizia D'Addario praising the 72-year-old Berlusconi for his performance and comparing him favorably to the impatience of much younger men.

"You know when was the last time I had sex like I had with you last night? Many months ago," D'Addario is heard telling the man she claims is the prime minister.

D'Addario's older companion gives a murky explanation of the sexual problems of younger men. "If you let me say so, I think the problem, it's a family one ... to have the orgasm."

He goes on to give some sexual advice to D'Addario, and inadvertently to the world. "May I," he begins. "You should have sex by yourself. You should touch yourself frequently."

In another portion of D'Addario's recordings, the two discuss one of Berlusconi's residences named Villa Certosa, with him showing her the ice-cream parlor, explaining how they clean the private lake to make it swimmable and mentioning that some archeological artifacts were found on the property.

The recordings, allegedly made by D'Addario on her phone have been put online by the Italian magazine L'Espresso.

Response to the latest release has been muted. The only comment by Berlusconi so far was a remark made Wednesday when he laughed and told officials at the inauguration of a highway project, "I am not a saint as you all know by now."

Berlusconi's Wednesday's remarks were his first public comments since the recordings were released Monday, but the prime minister did not use the opportunity to deny that it was his voice. He did remark that "there are a lot of nice-looking girls around."

Berlusconi has previously denied ever paying women for sex. If the recordings are verified as authentic, it would be a big blow to Berlusconi who has also said he would resign if he was caught lying about sleeping with prostitutes.

D'Addario gave her tapes to Italian authorities who are investigating whether any crimes have been committed by associates of Berlusconi, including the man who arranged for women to attend private parties.

In earlier releases of the covert recordings, a man is heard telling D'Addario to wait for him in bed while he takes a shower.

D'Addario secretly recorded another conversation the morning after one such party, allegedly held Nov. 4, the night of the U.S. election, when Berlusconi skipped a public event that evening.

In the recordings made over breakfast, D'Addario complains that he had initially "caused her some pain," and a voice purported to be Berlusconi's asks her over their tea and coffee for her full name for the first time after their night together.

D'Addario mentions that her voice is gone.

"But, why?" the man asks. "We weren't shouting."

In a phone call later that day, the man says he has to leave for Moscow.

"I can call you when I am back?" he asks.

Woman Also Recorded Berlusconi Friend

"OK," D'Addario replies. "A big kiss for you."

While Berlusconi has been largely silent on the recordings, his lawyer has dismissed them as fakes and threatened legal action.

Prosecutors have already decided against an investigation into whether government funds were misused for parties in Rome or at Berlusconi's Sardinian villa, but they are investigating Gianpaolo Tarantini, who reportedly hired the women for the parties, according to D'Addario and others.

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