'I Love Silvio' Party to Honor Berlusconi Escort

A flier for the ?I love Silvio? party, hosted by Patrizia DAddario, an escort girl who made headlines around the world last month when she alleged that she and other women had been paid to attend parties at Italian leader Silvio Berlusconis homes.

Patrizia D'Addario, the now infamous escort of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, will be the guest of honor at an "I Love Silvio" party on Friday night in Paris. It will be D'Addario's first public appearance since the scandal exploded in the Italian press last month.

She has been mostly out of sight since the secret recordings she made became public. She says that they are snippets of intimate conversations with Mr. Berlusconi both on the phone and at his private residence in Rome she made without his knowledge.

With more than a hint of sarcasm, the Friday night bash will have a 1960's Italian film theme. The location is the Globo discothèque, a well known club that used to be frequented by the bohemian crowd in Paris.

Jean-Eudes Bernard, a spokesman for the club, told ABC News that each guest will receive a Berlusconi mask. The bar staff will be attired in AC Milan soccer jerseys, the Italian team that Berlusconi owns. Campari and other Italian drinks will be on hand as the revelers dance to Italian music. Berlusconi's early profession as a young man was a singer on cruise ships.

It is not clear whether D'Addario will have any sort of presentation during the event. The fliers being distributed by Globo promote the evening as "The Year of the Divorce," a reference to the scandal ridden months that the prime minister has had since his wife asked for a divorce after telling the Italian public that her husband was "not well."

D'Addario, in a recent interview with a French newspaper, complained of financial difficulties, and that she would attend these themed parties in France, Spain and Italy. She says she intends to write a book about her fling with the Prime Minister.

Steamy Conversations With Berlusconi

The sometimes steamy recorded conversations between D'Addario and Berlusconi were made public by L'Espresso on its website. In the most revealing of the many conversations she compares the 72-year-old leader to younger men.

"You know when was the last time I had sex like I had with you last night? Many months ago," D'Addario is heard telling the man she claims is the prime minister.

D'Addario's older companion gives a murky explanation of the sexual problems of younger men. "If you let me say so, I think the problem, it's a family one ... to have the orgasm."

He goes on to give some sexual advice to D'Addario, and inadvertently to the world. "May I," he begins. "You should have sex by yourself. You should touch yourself frequently."

Berlusconi joked with the press for a second time this week about his purported prowess in bed, but he has not yet publically denied that the voice in the recordings is his. His lawyer, however, has dismissed them as fakes and threatened legal action.

While Berlusconi faces no legal action for any of the allegations, his political fortunes might have been affected by the string of embarrassing accusations. His approval ratings have dropped below 50 percent, an indication that the normally blasé Italian public is beginning to disapprove of all the focus on his very public private life.

Berlusconi has previously denied ever paying women for sex. If the recordings are verified as authentic, it would be a big blow to Berlusconi who has also said he would resign if he was caught lying about sleeping with prostitutes.

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