Threat of U.S. Attack Sends Syrians Fleeing to Border


A 16-year-old named Ahmed from Syria's northern Hasakeh province, said he was heading home to see his family after a month and a half working in Lebanon. The young man has been going back and forth for construction jobs since age 14.

"Winter is coming and there will be less work…Anyway, our fate is written by God," he said of his decision to return to Syria amid talk of an imminent attack. "If my mom and sisters and everyone gets killed, then what good is it for me to be alive?"

Beside him sat Sultan, 23, who had traveled from Damascus to Beirut to apply for university to study contemporary history. But Sultan was on his way home; he found out tuition would cost $1,500—well beyond his means.

He was disappointed about university but more so about the situation in his country. "There is blood on the streets. Syria is dead," he said. "But I'll never leave my country."

Speaking in a thoughtful and melancholy tone, he mused: "Death doesn't have to be the end. It's something that happens and it's not in your control."

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