Artist Banksy Surprises Grade School Kids With Mural

The street artist left his mark on a school in Bristol, England.
0:56 | 06/07/16

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Transcript for Artist Banksy Surprises Grade School Kids With Mural
Well we had a competition in school to design some of house shields. We went Brunell common throughout beard on Boxee and obviously the other three enforced and Arnold went us so we so how might see some with the wind rights and Chad out with him. That we weren't expecting this kind of response really but we wept. Hoping something from him but it was a shock I have to admit this morning when we suddenly found on I won't this lovely Ural. I'm sure we'll forgave yes it is lovely that semi he responded to children Atlanta with nobody's actually paid us a visit. I left a sub useful mural it would have been promised political 550 children so everybody's been done to see it lots of members of the community which is aptly fantastic. I'm on to what we're going to do is gave his Bristol City Council because it's that war really it's our school because that would. I will put some prospect say of rants on and I think what we'll do is protect. They all work but also with the prospect potentially children could either on -- work on top stabilize.

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{"id":39668725,"title":"Artist Banksy Surprises Grade School Kids With Mural","duration":"0:56","description":"The street artist left his mark on a school in Bristol, England.","url":"/International/video/artist-banksy-surprises-grade-school-kids-mural-39668725","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}