Cardinal Peter Erdo: Papal Contender

The 60-year-old Hungarian is president of the Council of the Bishops' Conferences of Europe.
1:19 | 03/11/13

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Transcript for Cardinal Peter Erdo: Papal Contender
Cardinal Peter -- don't Budapest is sixty years old he's the prime -- of Hungary. Which makes him solidly Europeans but also slightly exotic newspapers have dubbed him -- cool lush pro. On the big social issues -- is solidly conservative. It's an alumnus of UC Berkeley having twice done research there including a stint in the mid 1990s. The US diplomat in Hungary flagged him as a potential papal candidate. In one of the WikiLeaks documents. Confidential diplomatic cable also quotes him being sharply critical of the Hungarian government. Like Pope John Paul who made him a cardinal in 2003. Puerto grew up behind the iron curtain and experience that made him fight for his faith. His father and attorney was disbarred for being account. During the conclave that chose Pope Benedict -- was the youngest cardinal. He still fairly young of course. And -- and -- a whole lot of exposure to the world. But he is well known in the upper echelons of the church -- it was twice elected president of the European bishops conference. That means he's popular among his years of familiar face to pal it's far afield from Hungary. Not just in Europe -- in Africa and Latin America to. But the voters inside the conclave. A compromise candidate.

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{"id":18704993,"title":"Cardinal Peter Erdo: Papal Contender","duration":"1:19","description":"The 60-year-old Hungarian is president of the Council of the Bishops' Conferences of Europe.","url":"/International/video/cardinal-peter-erdo-papal-contender-18704993","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}