Children Victims of S. Sudan's Tribal Clashes

Kids are injured, go missing and get abducted in retaliatory cattle raids.
1:56 | 01/23/12

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Transcript for Children Victims of S. Sudan's Tribal Clashes
In the back room of the -- -- hospital in south Sudan. Eleven year old -- -- yield is recovering from two gunshot wounds she is one of many child victims in south Sudan's most recent tribal clashes. -- the attackers came we ran into the bushes she says that's when they started shooting at us. Her father was killed she was shot twice in the lakes and mother and siblings got away. She doesn't know they're still alive but she has hope that when she recovers -- go home to find them. For young -- children like -- you -- story is common even -- resources are -- the hospital has become a haven for these unaccompanied children. UNICEF says that possibly hundreds of children have gone missing or have been abducted -- -- string of retaliatory cavalry. And -- camera. My child was shot when the -- -- so this morally leader my wife and children killed he said. In another ward is eight year old girl has a gunshot wound to the back -- -- and she tried to run away. In this little boy shot in the leg all the way to the youngest of the injured on the head. UNICEF and -- Ngo partners had secured their -- for now. The sitting just on the opposite side of the hospital separated by just some buildings and fences but the very people who perpetrated the attacks. We didn't we have to cool and then it would be right. They can't go our way of -- centering -- -- -- in our -- This young man who would not give his name is a member of -- -- tribes had attacked them relate. He's receiving treatment here at the hospital and talks about failing peace process. -- -- -- -- They will have to lead to peace he says and claims that once they've recovered it will go back and continue fighting as long as the -- continued to attack. For ABC news in Juba south Sudan I'm Alex and --

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{"id":15421281,"title":"Children Victims of S. Sudan's Tribal Clashes","duration":"1:56","description":"Kids are injured, go missing and get abducted in retaliatory cattle raids.","url":"/International/video/children-victims-south-sudans-tribal-clashes-15421281","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}