Christmas Mass With Pope Francis

Thousands gather for Pope Francis' first Christmas Mass at St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City.
3:00 | 12/25/13

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Transcript for Christmas Mass With Pope Francis
The very same company where his father first -- -- -- of the company. He put tickle me. -- -- Future. -- -- -- women the national in the Middle East since 1946. -- -- effectively. Italian Brothers perfectly. We heard the cardinal for me but -- -- they're going -- the elected Pope. -- -- choosing between scientists. Have to saint Francis of Assisi. The beloved Italian saint as -- late twelfth and thirteenth century. Filters radical poverty and -- could -- the spirit won't. -- its citizens also known for his attention to his love for the quarter. The most profound devotion to blessed virgin Mary. The simple -- New videos that you the season. This would let that. But -- will mean PM. Glory to god in the highest I believe that they -- on -- peace and those who he favors. -- -- -- -- Point don't know -- and that. Dear Brothers and sisters and -- -- Christmas. Five -- -- you know. He's confident he and he kept out of an outright hostility unit today meant. -- not being -- activists who. I take up the song of the angels will -- to the gym just -- -- and I haven't Jesus was born. Even -- stated those days I've no idea it is a song which -- underwhelming. Giving praise and glory hasn't. And the promise of peace to earth and all the easy put -- he. And in use yet Plaistow gotten so. I asked if you don't share in this song you normally don't. Get a song for an Everyman. Or woman -- -- and -- models utility. Who hopes for a better world they quote that he that he cares -- -- Thursday Friday it will -- and easy to do you bill is doing his or her duty. -- -- Glory to god -- still pretty -- conclude keep -- that done. The I think -- deal. Above all else cable this is what Christmas -- intimidated. Give glory to god -- -- deal he is good. He is faithful in question Jones merciful little -- what he. -- -- today arriving -- and hold the view that everyone will come to know Utah to face a field together and I think it's too. The father who has given us Jesus would two TDs and heating -- deal ABT my hope. Is that -- value of Gaza -- and sent. The is in his presence. Love him -- And adore him. Here you know being on both sides they really deal. So -- at each of us -- glory to god. Above all and -- -- states they -- motors finalize Internet for love of him. And -- -- hit by actually are -- -- and sisters. Peace to men bacteria. Known -- -- PM. Not name a name we leave you. Photos -- that I true peace is -- you -- -- about online services. Did -- -- -- yankees and Oakland a lovely facade. Which conceals -- -- -- individuals team being the tool that he killed -- -- -- -- -- -- people are without the -- -- -- heated does donor DP is starting from God's gift slug -- -- CN. Gay kid gotten his from the grace which he has given us in Jesus trying to send -- -- being and in its day and it. My mean -- deep but. -- -- -- on the need. It's on only beat teammate Buford you get your child in the way jury -- child of peace. -- -- those children again bar yeah most vulnerable victims -- I didn't lose him. But we think too -- -- -- not of the elderly. To Atlanta race bait satellite shady scorn 988. War -- -- -- so many lives don't be. -- -- -- And then used in the then the vehicle fleet -- CC yet. Foaming done though apple and -- if it bit them. Too many lives have been shattered in recent times but in the politics uniting. Fueling hatred noted inventions that can't be spotted me and I mock Opel moto CBS continue to pass to Norway's -- in despair. They -- about a serial people -- further south I don't feed me I don't need your names and to enable the part and I Hindu Muslim wrong and -- asserted few minute to all violence. Can guarantee access -- -- humanitarian aid but damn did happening years yet we have seen how powerful honoraria so -- OG. Puny stand on -- -- same priority on never -- by saying he CDS. I'm candidate -- today to their followers as you are never just a few questions. Are joining us -- our prayer modernize he's united to have been happening year. But as he ever Kaiser Missouri's -- prayer seeing on me the courage to -- -- a pullout by keyboard. I next year he has to Syria the animal and animal world. Yen carry -- Known that it dame team beat until. But -- she did. Not spots. -- but those who go to surely this heated -- peace but -- -- day you. -- -- -- -- -- To you mean. Opened -- again. Locally -- the -- you know my vote. -- up by us altogether but through prayer -- desire for peace. -- -- -- -- -- -- By mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Space so demon he got that Randy Waldman. Great piece to the Central Africa looks -- minority often forgotten none Lewinsky he needs whom. Yet you lord for -- -- guided by -- -- -- that. Indeed -- -- also has a preview and that Palin stadium's torn apart early kind of startling new violence on us and sent Garcia. -- quiet she was so many people are hoping -- saying mean -- -- -- the water and food and the bare necessities -- -- -- the -- salute those -- done. Foster social harmony and salvation ended things young man plunged to a current tension on the job federal power because they humorous he victims he mean guns and are up by keeping your bathroom he tasteful -- -- -- -- that young state. Still being cheapened it up -- -- -- at the -- -- you quoted a fueling the predicated Pullman -- I mean prince of peace it's heated and replace track -- aside yet by the and inspire them to lay down a lot of Danny. -- -- But upon Nigeria by hand and rent by constant the -- the age did not spare the innocent and defenseless. Many ET that there -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If fragile -- land where you chose to call days to the world beating us yet keep Stephen grant to -- people behind me by this he needs is -- peace talks. Between zionists PI and Palestinian I'm not though he got. Could it be true the bush tax -- -- of the beloved country of Iraq. Once more -- he noted -- -- -- of violence. Birthdays keep plenty sewn up and say we've -- -- cows are there torn down. You don't have -- -- -- -- total corporate ultimately create an evil yet. Critical in -- totally -- -- -- to the distinguished days and a schedules he Italian mocha because -- especially in the Horn of Africa. And by eating -- on the pavilion Connecticut -- -- government Congo coast. The role of being not -- years CIA man who's been migrants in search of a dignified and ICE eight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- human tragedy autos and I'm really doesn't Fisher known outside the downside and but he -- Never occur all. -- and be known. -- -- -- -- -- Okay quoted equine -- -- going going to be. Need that. Beers city you mind. -- gay child slavery in -- -- to touch the hearts of all those engaged did dragging death. Jamie realized that the elite Oakland that I remind you -- of this crime against humility goes to a lot of well I've done -- done the need. Giving them on that beat the KDD look upon you digital unique confluence -- and Mathieu. Wounded get -- -- on the grill restaurant he hunts are exactly. And general but -- the united go to rebuild homes were robbed of their childhood. And forced senior -- -- What that -- -- can -- that. Lord of heaven and their case this so look upon our Atlanta -- each day -- -- family -- -- by -- the -- He modeling needs -- -- -- Help to protect us all just victims of natural disasters -- sun especially the beloved people because -- -- not -- briefly affected. So we still feel typhoon he got -- Borough feet -- be known. Now they maintain quoted beat -- data -- -- fallen. I need for -- he is so -- in the. Being -- Belmondo. He -- though -- death. Ability in activities that -- it dear Brothers and sisters today in his worlds -- -- this humanity. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let -- plants down for the child we'll it sickle mall. Not be able bubble wouldn't equates to perhaps they'll -- -- but he's also bought his own moral line. Now Bob at double -- song. Let us allow our hearts you know I just -- sequel might not be afraid to allow our hearts to be touched. Let us allow ourselves -- -- moral. These guys died -- done that detonates at the EU. To be warmed -- attended middle of god. Did this who a -- sleep eat his caress the candidates did he yield. -- final for eighty days. -- candidates who did yield the crescent gotten effort movies. If folks. IBM won't be so and that is suing candidates. -- in in an alimony. I knew that I was able to -- the only -- way. Helium but praise and glory for you down when he. -- -- vehicles to really tell you John is peace and austerity cut let us ask you to help uneasy peace banners on each day guy and that children in London dictator in our families in our society -- -- the -- -- -- in the whole world -- Ireland. Dee -- you let us allow ourselves to be moved. By God's goodness. You son of -- -- conscious. ITT -- division team Aqua -- Chamberlain cardinal trust busting proposition -- indulgence needs and and I you know doughnut -- -- these union. They did in -- -- technology company that soon. Unchanged he reached the holy father then raised such grants to all the people present -- monsters are those who received his blessings to -- deal. Television -- -- a new information technology and sickle saying you got norms -- Belgians. I agreed that a lot of -- established by the -- -- -- -- but she really. I -- -- Allah almighty god very -- Preserve the Pope in the guidance at the church. And they grand peace and unity to the church throughout the world. -- discussing the holy father and upgrade to plenary indulgence which is the full remission before god. But the temporal punishment due to those sins. Which have already been absolved -- confession. Cynthia -- that he paid to sit -- I don't politics that -- holy apostles Peter Paul he would receive our editorial even trust us -- mean intercede for us to sort. -- tunes that maybe he's got him ideas and these genes. Reacting -- kinds of me acting on these have -- -- the prayers and merits and does not married ever conveyed to you have Michael PRD looms and -- blessed John the Baptist. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- beat them at. Interchange in -- on them. Intermission and -- lupica go to restaurant. -- -- -- and we'll let you Carlos opinion thanks solution. -- standard edition of all hearsay it's taken in that's Jennings -- -- try -- get out who is beautiful and it also lets you and I are always there to ten to fifteen imitate light instead. He monies paid mostly due by the holy spirit only put us consider final song perseverance and good works that -- today in the put things. But things and made a blessing of almighty god you. That the father -- this time -- this -- family spirit wolves it's mine aren't you spending a few among us out. To -- this country don't just one having received. -- -- -- -- We don't -- could be applied to so. Church into the souls of the -- Now the Republican almost -- An employee Cuddy that that is that is it jewel in devalued but among them with that yet. Yet plenty that the -- -- CIA EG your Brothers and sisters gathered from throughout the world it is where vehicle when he has a name into all those evil and collusion you know in his -- to communicate blown media. I offer my courtroom best wishes for a very Christmas. Being -- still don't know. You need though that that's been seven JD got kicked out of -- -- of that -- negro parody of it today man. He -- donors they hadn't even but it does show yes springs from their satellite data -- -- -- -- Palin oh meters use NS TI joy and peace upon it until onion if I mean you upon children and the other people the Indian -- that young people and families did sue not ordinarily in the marginalize phone photo -- -- -- don't provide -- May Jesus I'm and I want Verizon that's a fittings that console although little -- medical related illness and its McDade the Annan said he sustain those who vote themselves do you serving your Brothers and sisters were most of it -- not the go to. Happy Christmas to. I. --

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{"id":21332842,"title":"Christmas Mass With Pope Francis","duration":"3:00","description":"Thousands gather for Pope Francis' first Christmas Mass at St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City.","url":"/International/video/christmas-mass-pope-francis-21332842","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}