The Conclave: Secret World of Picking the Pope

Voting for the pontiff is done behind Vatican walls by cardinals younger than 80.
1:19 | 02/12/13

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Transcript for The Conclave: Secret World of Picking the Pope
The conclave. From the Latin words calling pumping whiskey the term used for the median -- to cardinals -- from around the world to elect a new public and private. It normally begins a week or two after the end of the previous attempts. The past century the voting has been held in the Vatican's Sistine Chapel. The cardinals are totally cut off from the outside world no cell phones no TV no -- They sleep and eat inside Vatican walls and private rooms each with a -- To assist the cardinals about seventy other people are allowed him doctors cooks and housekeepers. Only cardinals who are under the age of eighty year -- The ballots are secret for votes are cast on most days to in the morning to in the afternoon. Each cardinal Wright's choice unfolded ballots but ballots have been shaken to -- and insure anonymity. Initially the two thirds majority is needed but if after twelve days there's still no hope may choose to change to a simple majority. The cardinals keep the world informed by burning the ballots twice today the special pellets to produce black smoke visible above the Sistine Chapel -- They've got -- Pope they changed the pellets to make quite -- telling the world famous pop up. -- and -- we have.

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{"id":18476051,"title":"The Conclave: Secret World of Picking the Pope","duration":"1:19","description":"Voting for the pontiff is done behind Vatican walls by cardinals younger than 80.","url":"/International/video/conclave-secret-world-of-picking-the-pope-18476051","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}