Costa Cruise Ship Loses Power

Costa Allegra adrift in Indian Ocean after fire broke out onboard.
0:26 | 02/27/12

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Transcript for Costa Cruise Ship Loses Power
Fire broke out on an Italian cruise ship leaving it without power and the pirate infested waters of the Indian Ocean. The fire started in the generator room and knocked out the ship's power. That Costa Allegra is owned by the same company that owns it -- can -- The vessel that capsized in Italy last month. Tugboats from the Seychelles islands are headed to the ship that they aren't expected to reach the vessel until tomorrow afternoon.

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{"id":15802847,"title":"Costa Cruise Ship Loses Power","duration":"0:26","description":"Costa Allegra adrift in Indian Ocean after fire broke out onboard.","url":"/International/video/costa-cruise-ship-loses-power-15802847","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}