Exclusive Tour of US Embassy in Tehran

ABC News' Muhammad Lila tours an embassy little changed since 1979, when it was taken over by Iranian students.
2:49 | 11/04/13

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Transcript for Exclusive Tour of US Embassy in Tehran
We don't know if they're gonna let us inside but we're gonna try. Well so far so good looks like they're letting -- just. Drive right in the Oval Office -- Thank -- -- embassy. And spies. -- -- here is the second floor where this guy it was basically can't get a message any clearer than miss any time someone comes in here. They have to physically stepped on the American and Israeli flag. He watched as -- -- car's gonna drive right over. -- and drive right over the American. The statue of liberty. -- -- -- -- -- -- Talk about it well. Okay. -- candidate in the accustomed to doing new -- -- -- -- are you seeing that America. The attack itself on -- -- Yes. And so that's ridiculous. There were Jews who died on 9/11 there were Christians or Muslims there were everybody. -- the Iranians called this the last room you can see. All of the walls are made entirely out of glass and the reason they say is because when. Intelligence officials were here they knew that nothing could be overheard. Who is this mr. Yeltsin -- mr. Williams. Williamson. This year. It's. Sharon well maybe beckons if I find felt the world I think it is Oklahoma. And -- you weren't even alive when this stuff is happening. Don't you think it's time now for peace between America and. Occasionally. -- mission that -- From day one film he says that we have no problems to the American people. He's gone that. What was the confidential. But. You know it's been 34 years since all of this happened isn't it time to just let this go see this happen such a long time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":20779128,"title":"Exclusive Tour of US Embassy in Tehran","duration":"2:49","description":"ABC News' Muhammad Lila tours an embassy little changed since 1979, when it was taken over by Iranian students.","url":"/International/video/exclusive-tour-us-embassy-tehran-20779128","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}