First Female Saudi Olympian Makes History

Judo competitor Wojdan Shahrkhani is Saudi Arabia's first female athlete to compete in Olympics.
3:00 | 08/03/12

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Transcript for First Female Saudi Olympian Makes History
She didn't win she didn't come close actually but -- 84 seconds where -- victory. That is -- -- -- Connie in the skull -- the first ever female Olympian from Saudi Arabia. The conservative kingdom resisted -- women until the very last moment. But wouldn't relent a historic first he's the first Olympics were every country is represented by a woman. She might have lost quickly but the fans -- standing ovations. It's fantastic to see us. It's an it is -- a so wonderfully with the Olympics speculate people have -- street just saw this morning. Another country represented by women the first time Cutler nor Al-Maliki -- track this morning there was no victory here. She pulled -- hamstring and couldn't finish Al-Maliki streams and -- in -- years. There's a lot of teams in the first day track and field you -- the Americans as they train earlier this week. Favored to win a hundred meter world champion Carmelita Jeter. And 400 -- world champion Sonja Richards Frost's. And as for -- historic female firsts they still have a long way to go the two female Saudi athletes walked in the opening ceremony they had to walk far behind. They're male compatriots. -- for an ABC news London.

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{"id":16922548,"title":"First Female Saudi Olympian Makes History","duration":"3:00","description":"Judo competitor Wojdan Shahrkhani is Saudi Arabia's first female athlete to compete in Olympics.","url":"/International/video/first-female-saudi-olympian-makes-history-16922548","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}