Tape: Capt. Ordered Back to Ship

Tapes reveal port official angrily ordering captain back to sinking ship.
4:02 | 01/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tape: Capt. Ordered Back to Ship
The content from the borne of captain. Am -- talking to captain. Good evening -- officer. At least familiar name. It's captain skip is skip -- listen clear people trapped on board -- you go back. He won't go with your life boat under the battle of the says there's this there's -- rescue matter. You climb up that rescue latter and you get on board and get back to -- and I do you know how many people are on board is that clear do you. And actually recording this conversation -- distinct and speaking louder -- put your hand at the microphone and speak up. Soon right now -- shook his. Tilted. I didn't listen new parents people they're getting off so easy to rescue matters kind -- -- Get back there can climb up -- that honor and the opposite direction. Get back -- bored and you tell me how many people aren't there and watching. You tell me if their children women and people that we've seen since and you give me -- for each one of these categories exactly. -- 52 million safety conference and finally put to through a lot of trouble -- -- Very back. Get back home court -- and there's no police and African board he's certainly that you're going back on -- I'm here in the rescue -- Right here I didn't going to arouse what are you doing captain. I'm here to coordinate the rescue operation -- What are you pardon me get back on board and coordinate rescue operation from on board the ship. You refused to do that no I'm not looking to do. Are you refusing to -- -- board. Tell me the reason why you're not going back I -- -- that he caused the other rescue boats stopped get back -- This is important you don't need to make any other since you have -- cleared and have abandoned ship. There for now I'm in command get back on board right now is that cleared officers could not hear me. I'm getting back home -- Hancock couldn't come right away when you're a boy there might mean rescue. Who's your rescuers. My rescuer is on the downside there's -- -- -- tips that helped out. How many courses are there I don't know I've heard about it. You must still meet for -- say. You realize you start there and we can't see anything what you want to do you want to go home. It's direction you want to go home. Get back on the -- of that -- Climbed to rescue -- and tell me what can be done. How many people are there and what being right now. I'm here -- my second officer. Then both of you get back on board both of you. What's -- second half of his main. His name is Dmitry. She walked -- cheapest pieces. You and your second officer must get back on board the right now exactly here. Quote I just -- -- -- that the other rescue boat here. With other rescuers stopped. -- -- -- -- -- called the other rescuers. You can tell me isn't painful and now -- now -- -- scored on -- and you -- back to you -- away telling me how many people -- that. Then go back now.

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{"id":15380791,"title":"Tape: Capt. Ordered Back to Ship","duration":"4:02","description":"Tapes reveal port official angrily ordering captain back to sinking ship. ","url":"/International/video/francesco-schettino-order-return-doomed-ship-15380791","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}