Woman Adopts African Village

Robin Young-Ellis made it her mission to save the Ugandan village of Bukirayi.
3:09 | 11/24/11

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Transcript for Woman Adopts African Village
She's a social butterfly and owns her own multi million dollar business with this estonians true passion is giving back. Robert Young Ellis comes from a proud and dedicated military family in 2000 -- she founded salute our troops Houston. On veterans day you'll find -- at the parade downtown paying tribute to our servicemen and women. What drives you to do this I mean there's some countries that don't like it so much -- -- countries at least respect us and you know we're strong. Not the greatest military in the world and that's hard and just so proud -- and it's not it's not sadness and it's really proud of military. The two years ago a new mission begins our -- and this one not on the home front but thousands of miles away on the other side of the globe. While Hollywood celebrities make headlines for adopting children from Africa Robyn who couldn't have children of her own adopted an entire village. The populations 141000 often they don't they don't include the children. That are orphans. Or some of the winners so at some of the girls so this village's 141000. Plus -- -- idea is a village in the impoverished African nation of you've gone -- they are Robin and her husband helped build a church. Clinic -- and most importantly. A fresh water well providing a resource more precious even gold disease. Life expectancy of a child that was in the village without clean fresh -- water is H five. This is not a rare sight they spend most of their life collecting water but child would travel. With these water -- Five miles. And -- -- -- that she has announced the water. Because -- spend -- time looking for water they don't they don't have an education and now they're not able to that a school. -- eve celebration was in honor of the new -- with fresh water now flowing. Rob it is working with the University of Texas to build a school for the village's Haiti 500 children. The villages now call their home Texans who -- -- and note the UT -- aboard. And then a chance -- -- and more of the news. Tiny -- she spotted 9 o'clock Morton Paper in Spain England Spain hair -- And it's an area where while Hanks hand while -- program this -- -- for her life. And ended up in the arms of her fairy godmother. -- now arranges for a little sister's hair visited her on her first birthday plans to bring her to the US next year. That transforming and I world. She will be a part of my life for the restaurant and I think that there's another part of me always in Africa. -- says those two worlds came together so as we are all consumed with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season a simple idea to keep in mind. If everybody health systems. Once volatile way. -- -- Makes a difference -- at least one person's mind a little Carson thirteen Eyewitness News.

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{"id":15025032,"title":"Woman Adopts African Village","duration":"3:09","description":"Robin Young-Ellis made it her mission to save the Ugandan village of Bukirayi.","url":"/International/video/houston-woman-adopts-african-village-15025032","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}